Integration Information

MasterCard Payment Gateway Services provides the web-based Reporting System to help you keep track of your transactions. The system provides Summary, List and Detail information on a variety of services, such as Bank Card, Direct Debit, Direct Credit, Smart Voucher, Recurring Transactions together with information regarding extended services such as AVS/CV2 and other Fraud Prevention Services.

Please refer to FAQ for details of the URLs for connecting to both the Live and Test Reporting Systems. Alternatively, simply click here to be taken to the Log In page for the Live Reporting System.

Return codes

The DPG returns a numeric return code to indicate the result of each transaction. For ease of reference, we have produced a universal list of return codes which is available within the Developers Guide. Please note that you require to log in to our Developers Area using your test account details to download this.

The Support Centre also contains case studies of many of the common return codes.

Test account

If you wish to try the MasterCard Payment Gateway system before signing up, you can apply for a free, no-obligation test account with us. Simply fill in the details below, and one of our representatives will contact you with your own test account details.

MasterCard Payment Gateway Test Account

E-Mail Address:
Phone Number:
Company Name:
Company Web Site:
Live vTID:
(if applicable)

There is a separate Test Server and Test Reporting System.

Some services may require additional configuration of your account.

Magic Card Numbers

Transactions sent using a test account will not be processed by any bank. Instead, you will receive a response of DECLINED, unless you use one of the magic numbers, which return an expected result.

Please note that you require to log in to our Developers Area to view these numbers, using your test account details.